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October 25, 2015

Possible Penis Pain Causes

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painThe majority of straight guys like absolutely nothing more than a night of sexual have fun with a beautiful girl, and most participate in such play without any concerns. ¬†In some cases, ¬†unfortunately, a male may experience penis pain during or after intercourse, and the concern arises: can this be due to an allergy to a partner’s vaginal fluids? As a guy desires to keep great penis health (and avoid undesirable penis discomfort), addressing this question can be quite vital.

Numerous individuals, consisting of numerous doctors, do not believe that a guy can be allergic to vaginal fluids. Since this is likely an unusual event and not one that is dangerous, there is no real motivation to carry out thoroughly regulated researches to examine the credibility of claims to such an allergy.

Still, adequate men have posited this theory that it is beneficial for a guy who believes he is so affected to investigate this avenue on his own.

Eliminate other causes

The initial step is to identify if there may be other more most likely causes for the penis pain. There are any number of things which can make up penis discomfort during or after coupling, including the following:

When the penis is too huge (or the vagina is too little), the result can be pain in both the penis and the vagina. Frequently, of course, this is a short-term issue; unless the member in question is genuinely of remarkable size or the vaginal area in question is significantly smaller than typical, it’s typically just a matter of engaging in more foreplay and/or making use of a proper lube.

– Misjudging. Typically penis pain happens due to misjudging, as when a guy misjudges the depth of the vaginal canal or the angle of entry and drives his erect penis versus a difficult surface area within the vaginal area.

– STD’s. Sexually transmitted disease infections can lead to soreness or actual pain in the penis. This is frequently aggravated throughout the sexual act and can end up being fairly agonizing.

– Yeast infections. When a man has a yeast infection, it may provide with a burning or otherwise unpleasant feeling, generally at the suggestion of the organ.

Vaginal fluids

If it appears that the vaginal fluid might be the cause of the pain, there are steps a couple can require to reduce the circumstance.

– Acid level change. Diet can contribute in discomfort due to vaginal fluids, specifically if the diet is high in level of acidity. In some cases the acid-based foods end up being revealed through the fluids, which can creating an uncomfortable burning feeling in a penis with vulnerable skin.

Occasionally what the penis is reacting to is not the fluids themselves however remaining aspects from a current showering. Washing is not advised for ladies’ vaginal health, anyway.

– Soap. If a woman utilizes a soap with strong chemicals or deodorants this might mix in with fluids to produce a painful scenario. Switching to a milder soap can frequently solve this concern.

Pacifying prospective problems with fluids can assist decrease penis discomfort; so can keeping the manhood good and healthy. For this, everyday use of a premium penis health creme is strongly encouraged. Because the penis skin is likely to be vulnerable, the very best creme will have a potent combination of moisturizers, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (with natural hydration effect) to keep it supple. In addition, it’s beneficial if the cr me in concern likewise includes vitamin D. This popular nutrient is often called a “miracle vitamin” since it is so good at making it possible for cell capability. An appropriate creme can go a long way toward alleviating penis discomfort.

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