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August 13, 2013

Faked Orgasm

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angrywoman“I have actually been wed for 20 years. My spouse just told me that she has never ever experienced an orgasm when we were together, yet she didn’t tell me due to the fact that she didn’t wish to injure my feelings. I have no idea exactly what to think. I enjoy my spouse, yet she’s been concealing this from me for additional compared to 20 years! Why would not she just tell me?” A bunch of females artificial orgasm. Some women in their 40’s or 50’s have been faking with their spouses for the entire period of their marriages. Virtually every lady has devised at the very least a time or two. Meanings that almost every guy has experienced a lady orgasming who had not been …

Why do females fake?

Some do it to avoid unsatisfactory their partner. Some women want to stay away from ongoing intercourse, and fake climax to deliver things to a conclusion. A bunch of ladies are offered the message that they are “less than” women if they do not have an orgasm. Some ladies realize that their companion is really trying and intend to compensate his efforts despite the fact that they didn’t come.

Some ladies hesitate of harming their partner’s ego … Let’s experience it, some guys DO really feel mighty delicate if his companion doesn’t come.

Can a man inform if a woman fakes a climax?

The ideal method to tell if a lady has actually fabricated an orgasm is incidentally she acts after that. Women generally take a married couple mins to “come down” after good sex and an orgasm. If the woman you’re with is complete and instantly peppy of power, she may be devising.

Most females like to curl up after sex, but a female that does not climax often does not really feel as cuddly. In reality, she’s typically rather energetic each time where everything energy does not make feeling – right after you had sex. She may intend to make coffee, or do a minor cleaning. She will certainly not really feel close with you, and she will not really feel loosened up.

That is why guys usually drop asleep, and women appear dazed and dreamy appropriate afterwards. A man or woman that has actually felt sex-related stress build and has not skilled launch will still be under the influence of the adrenaline.

“Was it excellent for you?”.

Paradoxically enough, if you’re not sure if your partner actually came, and you ask her “honey, was it great for you?”, you will certainly frequently just irritate her. Also even worse would be to ask her “Did you come?” All of us like to really feel that our companions are observing exactly what we’re feeling and experiencing in sex. It is more difficult to read through women since their orgasms do not feature ejaculation – no lady has to ask “honey, did you come?” due to the fact that she knows he did.

Communication is the secret to settling this scenario, it often never gets attended to.
For something, a great deal of men are really delicate about their room skills, and are likely to respond with defensiveness or temper when told that their companion did not orgasm. These men commonly either blame the lady (“you’re not lady enough”) or simply make certain she understands that it isn’t really his negligence by making regrettable statements (“my OTHER companions had no complaints”).

If your companions are comfy enough with you, you could determine even more of what they really feel. But if you prefer your companions to credible you enough to connect, you need to beware not to belittle or blame. Keep in mind that it is harder for a lady to accomplish climax, which this is not your mistake. Probably she does not think it is your fault, either. She just really feels kind of pull down.

Exactly what can I do?

You could just inform them that you DO care how they really feel however you could not constantly inform if they have had a climax. Point out that if they DO fake it, and if you can’t inform, it does not imply you don’t care yet it DOES suggest that you will not know.

If it’s something as straightforward as taking additional time, you’re home cost-free. Just expand the foreplay.
If it’s that she requires a different placement, or experiences orgasms with foreplay, that is certainly something you could function on.

Constantly permit your companions know that you wish them to experience as much satisfaction as you do,.
which you would certainly like to understand exactly what you do that feels good, or that they uncommitted for. Allow.
them understand that you won’t have actually injured sensations, and it will assist you to kindly them.

If a lady you’re with phonies it after you have regards interacted this to her, it is her issue and not everything to do with you.
If you locate sex a way to communicate and share enjoyment, and your companions know this, it must be great each time, even if among you doesn’t constantly climax.

Maybe you just need a bigger penis or longer lasting erection to really satisfy her.

October 29, 2012

The Truth about Vacuum Devices

Penis pumps are actually the first of all penis enlargement devices invented by man, since hanging weights from your penis cannot be called operating a device. Pumps have been around for some time and their popularity does not seem on the decline at all. However, before you press the order button or whip out your credit card there are some things you should consider. Our goal is not to convince you to go for a certain product, although we do endeavor to put forward a friendly suggestion, but to make people see why certain things are a hazard to them. Many men, too many men actually, are perfectly willing to throw common sense overboard and rush to the first flashy website or shop that promises a quick gratification of everybody’s desires. Unfortunately, life is not that simple.

For those of you who have never seen one, a vacuum pump is a cylinder that fits tightly over the penis. No air can get in and the little air trapped inside the cylinder is removed by the pump. The resulting vacuum pressure caused by the pump stretches the sponge-like tissues that make up the penis. In theory, the tissues then fill with much more blood than ever before and the quality of erections grows. The penis, too, allegedly expands in length and girth and permanent enlargement is reached. Is this theory correct? Actually, no. Subjecting any part of the human body to such pressure under vacuum conditions is a surefire way of rupturing blood vessels. You don’t need an article like this one to tell you that internal bleeding is bad for you. Although the bleeding is confined to the penis and blood vessels heal in time, prolonged use of pumps is very likely to cause long term damage.

The positive effects of any penis pump are temporary. Erections gained with the help of such a device last only a short time, as any man suffering from diabetes or poor circulation can tell you. The powerful suction does fill the penis chambers to the absolute maximum, but the blood will start leaving the penis as soon as the pump goes off. What’s worse is that the temporary benefits of stronger erections and increased size come with a heavy size. Preventing the blood from circulating for extended periods of time is risky because cells depending on blood for oxygen will start dying. The pump also tends to desensitize the penis, because the vacuum does not discriminate between cells that make up the tissues and those that are part of the nerves.

This problem is compounded by the fact that the safe pressure varies from one man to another and the recommended pressure is not always safe. You have probably heard the horror stories of impotence or curved penises told by people whose friends were maimed by pumps. Or the not at all common stories about people who thought they knew how to handle a penis pump until the day they get their balls sucked into the cylinder. To say that having your balls crushed inside a pressure cylinder is painful would be a huge understatement.

This is why we advise any man interested in safe penis enlargement not to let himself suckered into buying a hazardous device. There are other ways to get a bigger penis without risking impotence in the process. Take an enlargement exercises system like Penis Health. Exercises employ the very same underlying principles as the pump, but using only your hands you cannot possibly reach the pressure values at which pumps operate. This means that you are getting the same results, but in a far safer manner. Furthermore, using a “hands-on” approach, pun intended, you can find out a lot faster how much pressure you can take and when it would be a good idea to stop. What could be safer than that? So take our friendly advice and try something that’s both effective and safe before maiming yourself.

October 11, 2012

My penis enlargement story

The purpose of sharing my story with you is to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes as me. I wasted thousands of dollars on useless penis enlargement devices and scams. Hopefully my personal 3 year story for a bigger penis will help you.

3 years ago I was surfing the internet when I came across a banner on an adult site which claimed I could enlarge my penis in just weeks. This got me very excited, I had never seen such claims or such products before. I have been insecure about my penis size ever since I hit puberty. It didn’t hang down when flaccid, in fact it kind of just pointed. Just by looking at the other boys I knew that I was smaller, this infuriated me. I could change everything about myself, my style, my fitness, my hair, everything but I couldn’t change my penis size. When I went to the urinals I used to either find a cubical or stand up at an angle trying to make sure the guy next to me couldn’t see how small I was.

I lost count of how many sexual situations I simply avoided because I didn’t want my girlfriend to see how small I was, especially in the flaccid state. My erect length wasn’t that bad, I later found out I was just under six inches which is below average but not that bad. My flaccid length however was only about 3 inches in length and hardly any girth at all. So back to the advert, you can see now why I was very excited. They claimed to have a device that in just a few months could enlarge your penis by 2″ plus. I ordered the “penis pump”, it was not cheap, around $250.
Now I am just a normal guy like yourself and $250 was and still is A LOT of money. I couldn’t afford to waste money but that’s exactly what it turned out to be. I pumped and I followed the instructions that I was given, I continued religiously for 6 months. Sure, my penis was bigger straight after pumping, in fact it was probably about 2 inches+ bigger but this only lasted for an hour. While I was on the pumping program I had problems with keeping an erection and my penis was very weak. I now had the same size penis that couldn’t even stand up, things were getting worse NOT better!

I experimented with at least 10 different pumps and weight hanging devices in that first year. I was on a mission to get a bigger penis. Unfortunately all these miracle products simple did not work. I wasted thousands on rubbish products. Apparently if I did not get enlargement I could claim all the money back, I tried several times with most of the companies, I only ever received one refund and that was only for half the original amount, due to shipping costs etc!

I of course had girlfriends throughout this time that I was trying to enlarge my penis. In fact I lost a lot of girlfriends due to my penis size. I was not confident within myself and I certainly was not confident in the bedroom. She would ask me questions such as “is it in yet?” and she would tell me to thrust deeper. Of course I knew she wanted me to hit her G-Spot but I simply could not reach it. I would make a women orgasm sometimes but most of the time I could tell they would be faking it. I just didn’t feel like a man. By this time I had also given up on penis enlargement and avoided most sexual situations. My slightly below average penis (average 6.5 inches) just could not reach the spots that she wanted. No women specifically told me that the relationship ended because I couldn’t give them what they wanted in bed, but I knew this was the reason. Why would anyone want crap sex when they can go across the road and get it from a guy with a big muscular penis, a real man.

I tried again with the pumps, this just left me with a weak penis. I tried with weights, this just left me with a “pencil penis”. I was even considering surgery at one point, even though I knew that it was very dangerous and not to mention expensive. While I was again surfing the internet I came across an advert for a natural penis enlargement program, no weights, no pumps and only $40. I was very sceptical and was completely fed up with my experiences. I signed up though, after all I was desperate. I followed the exercises in the guide, it was quite hard because their was no pictures or videos and there was no support at all.

To my surprise and astonishment I measured my penis 2 months later and I noticed that my flaccid and erect penis was 0.5 inches bigger! OK – so these are not massive gains but they were gains! I was NOW excited, I continued for months but couldn’t achieve anymore gains. I decided to check out the other natural enlargement sites on the internet, some had more exercises, these exercises gave me some more gains. I must have tried 20-25 enlargement sites some that are still around today. Most of them just contained the most basic exercises. 2 and an half years had gone by and I had only managed to gain 0.5 inches in erect length, how pathetic and that had cost me thousands!

I then came across Penis-Health, this penis enlargement program claimed all kinds of things. It claimed to have 30+ exercises and to be recommended by doctors. Most enlargement sites I had found out only had 5-6 exercises. I signed up and to say I was amazed would be an understatement. They did indeed have 30 exercises all categorized into different sections so you could target either the girth, length or head size of the penis. They also contained extra exercises on curvate correcting, foreskin restoration and ejaculation control. Each exercises had full tutorial videos and step by step videos. I learnt how to do the exercises properly. They had penis enlargement chat rooms and forums. It was by FAR the best site that I had come across.

Within one and an half months I had gained an additional inch in length, and my flaccid size was noticeably bigger. I was over the moon, but I wanted more. I tried for a further weeks to gain more, my girth size had not increased much at all. It seemed my results had stopped. I decided to contact Penis-Health support. I got a reply within 24 hours (did I tell you about the excellent support?). I was given a new workout plan and was told combine this with penis enlargement pills. Ok not a problem. I knew already that their was a lot of penis enlargement pills on the market. I tried many pills but not seemed to do anything, some even gave me an upset stomach. I tried 10+ brands including Vig-Rx, Longitude (now out of business), Male Boost and many more pills which I later found out are completely useless. This cost me a fortune, money I could not afford to waste.

I contacted Penis-Health support and asked them to recommend me a penis enlargement pill. They recommended a site called ProSolutionPills. I checked the site out and it made the same promises as all the rest, I ordered though based on Penis-Health’s recommendation. Within a few days I noticed a sharp increase in my sexual desire and I was experiencing the hardest erections of my life. My girlfriend noticed the difference straight away and we started to have more sex. She said I felt bigger in side of her. This got me excited, I found that I could last for longer and by using techniques which I learnt from Penis-Health I could delay my orgasm.

A couple of weeks went by and my erections were as hard as ever. I noticed a dramatic increase in the power and the amount of semen that I produced when I ejaculated. When I used to get a blow job from my girlfriend before my sperm used to just dribble out. Now it was pumping out and shooting at her, literally drowning her in my cum, I honestly felt like a porn star. This visual feast used to get my girlfriend even more excited and sex was becoming more frequent. Instead of once a week it was more like once or twice a day. I decided to measure myself after 3 months on the pills combined with the natural enlargement techniques. My erect length was 2.3 inches BIGGER and my girth was a massive 1.3 inches bigger (I still have my logbook with these statistics).

I was amazed and my girlfriend wanted to fuck more than ever, she couldn’t believe the change in me. I was more confident in everything that I did. Other women apart from my girlfriend noticed this, they must have noticed my now large flaccid penis hanging down between my legs in my pants as well. I certainly got a lot more attention from women that would just pass me by before. Sex with these “extra” women and my girlfriend was fantastic. Instead of occasionally giving my sexual partners an orgasm, I gave them one every time and sometimes even multiple orgasms.

I finished off my 5 month supply of pills from ProSolution and stopped doing the exercises my penis was now 2.5 inches longer when erect and 2 inches more girth when erect. My measurements finished at 8.5 inches length and 6.5 inches girth when erect. My flaccid penis now hangs down between my legs at 5.5 inches flaccid length and girth is 5 inches. I now know how to control when I ejaculate and I can satisfy any women. After wasting thousands and thousands I eventually found the solution to enlarging my penis, I felt like a real man.

I wanted to share my experiences with others and that is what this site is all about. It took me only a few months to enlarge my penis and it was relatively easy when you combine the pills with the exercises. I do not want YOU to waste thousands of dollars on attempting to enlarge your penis. I have personally tested every site or pills listed on this site and I am always looking for feedback from the readers of this site so I can constantly add the pills/sites which are getting men gains. You can take my advice or leave it but whatever you do make sure that you do not get ripped off by the many sites out there that just want to make a quick buck.

October 4, 2012

Condoms and Penis Size

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Condoms are probably the safest way to prevent the spread of STDs and also one of the most effective means of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Around the world, condoms are promoted by NGOs striving to stop AIDS and to teach men and women about family planning and responsible sex. Not everybody agrees with the use of condoms, but they are still the cheapest and easiest way of dealing with STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

However, many men are not very comfortable with buying condoms from pharmacies because they don’t like to inform other people about their private activities. Just thinking about going into a pharmacy or drugstore and asking for condoms, possibly even a female vendor, is enough to make them queasy. They are also afraid that some people might prove judgmental and criticize their choice of using condoms or start joking about it in a malicious manner. This is why condoms are sold in Western countries through vending machines that allow buyers to preserve their privacy. Still, this convenience has triggered a new problem of its own.

Men who avoid buying condoms from pharmacies are also unable to get advice on the features of this or that brand of condoms, especially regarding the length and circumference. This is a very important issue, since buying the wrong size means that the condom will either tear or slide off the penis during sex, thus defeating the very purpose for which condoms are bought. Professional advice is very important because most men have no idea what size of condoms fits them best, while other men can’t even rely on the standard sizes. A recent study conducted in India has shown that the 60 percent of Indian men find standard size condoms too big for them.

Having a small penis is very embarrassing when buying condoms. No man wants to be seen purchasing the smallest size available because of the possible negative opinion of those who happen to be in the store at that moment, while the wide range of colors, shapes and flavors available is enough to baffle anybody. And the feeling of embarrassment is not the exclusive property of men with small penises. Men with larger than average penises are also embarrassed when it comes to identifying the exact size that fits them. Although well-endowed men tend to command the respect of others, it’s still unpleasant to be stared at.

If you are not sure what condom size fits you, then here’s a quick reference guide that will let you identify the right size on the spot. The standard condom sizes used in the Western are small, medium (also known as regular), large and extra large. These sizes translate as follows: small means a length of 6 inches or 15 centimeters and a circumference of 3.9 inches or 9.8 centimeters; medium means a length of 6.5 inches or 16 centimeters and a circumference of 4.1 inches or 10.4 centimeters; large means 7 inches or 17.5 centimeters in length and 4.1 inches or 10.4 centimeters in circumference; extra large is 7.5 to 8 inches or 18.5 to 20 centimeters in length and a circumference of 4.3 inches or 10.8 centimeters at the base and 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters around the glans.



March 19, 2008

Essential Prom Tips For Guys

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Most people view prom as a great experience for high school girls. They get to buy a beautiful dress, go to a nice dance, and eat great food. People often forget that half the people at the dance are of the other gender, male!

The truth is prom is a great experience for both high school boys and girls. Of course, boys and girls view the dance differently. The girls look forward to buying a nice dress and dancing. Most boys could care less about what tux they rent, and the only good aspect of dancing is the chance to maybe dance with girls.

So boys, here are some tips that you might actually care about:

1. When asking your parents for money for prom-related activities, act like you really care about your date, even if you don’t. Here is the reason. Your parents are more likely to give you more money if they think you are really interested in the girl than if you are just taking some random friend from high school. Your parents will begin to think about their prom and their high school crush and how great it would have been to have the night of their lives. So act excited about prom and your date, even if you aren’t.

2. When choosing a tux, don’t get too creative. It is ok to look like all of the other guys. It is not okay to stand out in a weird, ugly way. So while you may feel conformist, just do the easiest and simplest thing and rent a basic, decent tux.

3. Asking a senior girl is nice and all, but don’t feel limited. Remember, there are a ton of underclassmen girls that are dying to go to prom. You have a better chance of getting a very good-looking underclassmen to go with you than a senior. The senior girl probably already knows who she wants to go with or has some college boy lined up as a backup. No shame in taking a good-looking junior or sophomore.

4. Line up your date well in advance of the prom, especially if you want to take a senior. Senior girls are very paranoid about not being asked to prom. If their first choice asked someone else, they will begin to feel desperate and will latch on to the first decent guy that asks them. If you think you can wait around before asking a girl to prom, you will likely see her with some guy who is way less cool than you.

5. Remember that your date likely cares a lot more about the prom itself than you do. You might just view it as some silly dance that everyone goes to, but she might very well view it as the most important day in her life so far.

6. Compliment your date on the dress she is wearing and her hairstyle. She likely spent hours both choosing out her dress as well as getting her hair styled for the night. She hopes you will like it, so let her know how great she looks.

7. While your prom will likely be held at a hotel or country club, remember that it is still a school-related activity. Don’t do anything stupid that might get you expelled.

The author writes for Talk Prom Dresses, a prom resource with information on prom dresses as well as general prom advice.

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